Garcia Bros. Circus

Garcia Bros. Circus is a family owned and operated business. After performing in the best circuses around the world, in 1992, the Garcia family founded Garcia Bros. Circus. Now it is a well known show in the entertainment industry.

Let our circus show thrill and amaze you and your visitors the way we have done with audiences for over a decade.

Please view the pictures and descriptions in our website for just a brief glimpse of the entertainment we can provide - from high quality acts in the Big Top to our outdoor elevated stage, to the daredevil acts performed by some of the bravest performers anywhere.

North America's finest family owned and operated circus!

García Bros. Circus in Houston TX. 
April 4th-13th at the 
Fiesta supermarket 2323 Wirt rd. 
Shows, Mon.- Fri. 7:30pm 
Sat. & Sun. 3, 6, & 8:30 pm 
Come see us!


Circo Hnos. García en Houston,TX. 
Abril 4 al 13 en el Fiesta supermarket 2323 wirt rd. 
Funciones Lunes a viernes 7:30pm 
Sábado y Domingos 3, 6, & 8:30 pm 
Vengan a verno!

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